Did Mike Holmgren’s Comments Ease Your Concerns About the Browns?


On Thursday, Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren met with members of the Cleveland media, as he has planned all along, but did so in the midst of plenty of controversy and speculation surrounding the club.

Holmgren’s press conference came at an ideal time, right when the Browns needed an authoritative voice (or different voice, as no one seems to believe much of anything that Pat Shurmur has been saying) to step in and bring some stability to the organization.

He covered just about every topic, ranging from the running back Peyton Hillis drama to his comments on how long he would be in Cleveland (which naturally put Browns fans into a frenzy). Holmgren had a lot to say on Thursday, and did his best to put everything in perspective. What Browns fans should take away from this is Holmgren’s emphasis on the fact that building a team is a process – a long process – and success does not happen overnight.

This current regime inherited a squad without much talent that would allow it to compete at a high level. Building from the ground up takes more than one season. Fans have heard it before, but there needs to be patience in this process. The key is that Holmgren recognizes the areas that need improvement and won’t be afraid to make the necessary changes.

So what did Holmgren’s comments do for you? Was it enough to ease your concerns about the turmoil-filled season the Browns are currently having? Or did they fail to stop you from thinking that in just a few years, the Browns will be starting over once again?

Let us know!