Are You as Frustrated as This Cleveland Browns Fan?


There is no doubt that you, as a Cleveland Browns fan, are frustrated after the team’s 30-12 loss in Houston on Sunday. It certainly comes with good reason. Eight games into the season, the Browns have already descended into a discombobulated pull-your-hair-out-every-Sunday kind of team. This would likely be easier to swallow if this wasn’t the status quo each and every year.

No one expected the Browns to be a playoff contender this season, but fans always appreciate a team that is, at the very least, competitive. Right now, the Browns can hardly call themselves that. The road to contention is certainly a long process, but things have the potential to get very ugly in Cleveland very fast. It’s a tiresome cycle for Browns fans, and one has to wonder how much longer everyone will put up with a vastly inferior product on the field.

Cleveland-area actor and comedian Mike Polk has likely found the best way to articulate the feelings of many Browns fans.

Check out the video below.

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