Jon Sandusky Remains With Browns Despite Reports of Leave of Absence


By now, you know about the scandal that is unfolding at Penn State. While it is a sickening, disappointing situation, it is worth noting that this ordeal does have a Cleveland Browns connection.

Jon Sandusky, the Browns’ director of player personnel and son of Jerry Sandusky (who has been accused of sexually abusing eight children from 1994 to 2009), will remain with the Browns despite previous reports that had him taking a leave of absence. While it would certainly be understandable for the younger Sandusky to take a leave of absence, it is respectable that he will continue to work in the midst of this.

When asked if he had a chance to speak with Jon Sandusky, Browns coach Pat Shurmur had this to say:

"“That’s a totally personal deal. I don’t know the details of any of that. I’m going to sit that one out.”"