Browns WR/KR Josh Cribbs Vents About Losing, Not His Role on Team


When Cleveland Browns wide receiver/kick returner Josh Cribbs voiced his displeasure with the team’s loss on Sunday, I didn’t think it would be hard to confuse that with him being frustrated about his role on the team.

After the Browns blew another late lead to the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday, Cribbs was noticeably frustrated and has certainly voiced that frustration this week:

"“I am fed up,” he said. “I’m tired of losing. Everybody in this locker room, they’ll say they’re tired and they want to win every game. I want to win this year. Everybody says we’re building, we look good. I don’t really care about the building process because I want to win now. I’ll worry about next year next year."

In typical fashion, it’s a situation that has been completely blown out of proportion, though his speaking out has become somewhat of a polarizing issue. It seems as though there are two sides to this: those who appreciate Cribbs’ dedication to the team and his desire to win and those who believe that those are words best spoken behind closed doors.

Cribbs took to his Twitter account to defend himself this week and, luckily, head coach Pat Shurmur came to his defense, ensuring everybody that he has no problem with his player venting. If Cribbs is openly fed up with losing, shouldn’t it be applauded?

It’s obvious at this point that Cribbs will never be a No. 1 receiver and his kick returning has taken a hit ever since he was given more responsibilities. Nevertheless, Cribbs is an emotional leader of the team and can still produce on offense, and while he is fed up with losing and the rebuilding process, there’s no doubt that this team can use him as it moves forward, hopefully to a bright future.

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