Expect Browns QB Colt McCoy to Play Against Pittsburgh Steelers


Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy has no doubt taken his lumps this season. Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens was one of his biggest beatings of the year, as he was sacked three times and sustained a right knee injury that knocked him out of the game (but just for one play).

Luckily for McCoy, there was no structural damage to his knee. Unfortunately for him, though, is the short week for recovery, and the Pittsburgh Steelers looming on Thursday night. One would understand if McCoy wasn’t able to play on Thursday – he’s become well acquainted with the turf this year, and it’s starting to take a toll on his body.

But that’s not the kind of player that McCoy is. He’s tough, hanging in there even in the worst circumstances. Granted, he did miss time last season with a high ankle sprain, but there’s something to be said for him sticking this season out up to this point. It would actually mean a lot to have him last the entire season – that hasn’t happened to a Browns quarterback since the days of Tim Couch.

Having McCoy stay healthy enough to play despite the beating he has taken this season is either a testament to his mental and physical fortitude or some sort of insane luck. Either way, for the first time in what seems like forever, the Browns might have themselves a quarterback who can manage to stay on the field for an entire season.

Then again, McCoy could miss Thursday’s game against the Steelers, making it the same old story for the Cleveland Browns. That wouldn’t be all that surprising either.

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