Colt McCoy’s Dad Says Son Doesn’t Remember Events After Being Hit


Leave it up to the Cleveland Browns to find a way to create this type of news story for a game that was on national television. This tough-luck franchise suffered another blow to its image on Thursday night after quarterback Colt McCoy was sent back into the game after receiving a vicious hit to the head from Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. While that doesn’t initially seem controversial, here’s the kicker: McCoy doesn’t remember any of it.

On Friday, Colt McCoy’s father, Brad, said that his son remembered nothing following that hit by Harrison, not even the costly interception that essentially sealed the 14-3 victory for the Steelers.

McCoy said that he felt he was ready to go back into the game, that he only hurt his left hand on the hit. It’s easy to place the blame on head coach Pat Shurmur but if McCoy said he was fine and was exhibiting the symptoms of a concussion after the game, then Shurmur was truly putting McCoy in the game thinking he was good to go. It’s doubtful that Shurmur and, hopefully, the rest of the Browns staff would put a player in harm’s way like that.

Nevertheless, it seems odd that full concussion tests were not performed on the sideline. If McCoy can’t remember anything that happened after the hit, then he must have been putting on the performance of a lifetime in not exhibiting the signs of a concussion.

The NFL will be investigating the incident, and a punishment could be handed down to the Browns if McCoy’s likely concussion wasn’t handled properly. One thing is for sure: fans should be prepared to see back-up quarterback Seneca Wallace and to hear the possible news that McCoy’s season is over.

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