Browns President Mike Holmgren Attempts to Set Record Straight


Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren held a press conference on Wednesday in an attempt to shed some light on the drama surrounding quarterback Colt McCoy’s concussion.

It’s safe to say that he accomplished that, clearing the air about the whole situation, but it’s also safe to say that the press conference had a tense atmosphere. Clearly, Holmgren has been bothered by the fact that many members of the media – both national and local – have taken certain liberties in writing about the Browns this season. Speculation has run rampant on a variety of issues and Holmgren has had to appear on occasion to put out the fire.

On Wednesday, Holmgren admitted that McCoy was not tested for a concussion on the sidelines, but expressed only the utmost confidence in the Browns’ training staff:

"“Our medical staff and our training staff — we have the best in football. There’s no doubt in my mind. These guys are really good.”"

When asked why the medical personnel didn’t check McCoy for a head injury, Holmgren explained that the staff did not see the play happen and, once they reached McCoy, he informed them about the pain in his hand. And to those who pressed the issue, Holmgren said:

"“You people in the press box of having the luxury of seeing the replay.”"

Holmgren also lamented the notion that some fans – and members of the media – might be thinking that this situation was just another example of this being “business as usual” for the Cleveland Browns. Watching the press conference, it was obvious that the constant worst-case scenario assumptions have irked him.

Obviously the organization works hard to put a good product on the field – as Holmgren reiterated on Wednesday, they were dealing with a young roster from the start. While noting that GM Tom Heckert has done a solid job in the NFL Draft, Holmgren had this to say for those who believe all is lost with this team:

"“If we’d just snap the damn ball and catch some passes, we’d be 7-6.”"

Such is life in the NFL. Just as a few hits here and there make the difference between a .300 hitting All-Star and a utility man in baseball, so too does a  dropped pass or fumbled snap make the difference between a Super Bowl contender and the Browns. This team will get better with time, but until then, expect Mike Holmgren to be at the helm developing – and defending – the organization.

And on a final note, Holmgren was also asked at the end of the press conference if Pat Shurmur will be the head coach of the Browns next season, to which he replied that Shurmur will be here for “a  long time.”

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