The Remote Report: Cleveland Browns Fans are the Problem


I don’t really want to admit it, but it’s true. We’re part of the problem. In the world of instant gratification and “what have you done for me lately?” (where “lately” means “in the last 6-12 hours”) there is no room for any mistake of any kind, period.

Much like millions of others, I’m completely engrossed in the Twitter world and was on it at some point during Mike Holmgren’s presser this week. Twitter was, well, atwitter with rumblings and ribbings (please excuse that phrasing, I’m an aspiring comedy writer) as the team president spoke about various things that won’t change the outcome of what has already happened this season and what will happen on Sunday.

Despite that fact, my timeline was completely flooded with commentary, anger, snark, spite, venom, and all other mean and nasty emotions in response to this press conference that he held.

Again, no matter what he said, it will not change what happened in the previous 13 games, nor will it change what happens in the last three. So can I please get some kind of explanation as to why there’s so much angst right now?

The Cleveland Browns are not a very good football team right now. With three games left, whether all three are won or lost doesn’t really matter, it’s not like they’ll magically leapfrog into the playoffs. Sure, we fans would love to see progress being made, signs of life from the offense, and maybe a win or two to “build on” toward next season, but who are we kidding?

We are part of the problem. Twitter is part of the problem. I didn’t hear any of the presser, but I read people complaining about how Holmgren acknowledged that bloggers are part of the problem. I’m one of those, and he’s right (Note: I personally stand behind the content of this particular site because it’s not emotionally charged, irrational, or otherwise idiotic). While I don’t so much blame the actual bloggers, I blame the internet generation and group of collective idiots who treat every loss as if it is  the worst thing in the world.

If the Cleveland Browns losing a game makes you hate the next 24 hours of your life, you need to re-examine your life, if for no other reason than the fact that you’re losing roughly 240 hours per football season every year…and that’s assuming that the Browns pull off six wins a year, which is a stretch.

Furthermore, based on what I read (and am reading less because it’s intolerable nonsense), some of you seem to really, truly believe that Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns staff want to make you mad and lose games. Does anyone anywhere actually want to lose a contest of any kind? Especially one that helps determine their future and income?

I love the Cleveland Browns. I am aware that football is a business. I am aware that football is not just a sport because it brings together millions of people every weekend and forms bonds between strangers. I am aware that it’s beyond my control and I am okay with that. I will not allow it to affect other aspects of my life because there are a lot of other things going on in the world.

I’m not trying to be preachy, but for the love of all things holy or whatever you believe in, just relax. If things that Holmgren said this week contradicted things that he previously said, it’s because he’s upset that it’s not working and/or he was doing his job by trying to appease people. That’s all. That’s what people do. Welcome to the world.

Stop ruining people’s jobs by complaining. Accept that it’s not as easy as it looks from the comfort of your laptop. Let professionals be professionals and go play franchise mode on Madden.

Go Browns.

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