If Cleared to Practice, Should Colt McCoy Play Against the Steelers?


Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy continues to recover from a concussion and could be cleared to practice this week. He has already missed games against the Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens after suffering the concussion against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Dec. 8.

While it is possible that McCoy could be cleared to play this week as the Browns prepare for a rematch with the Steelers and linebacker James Harrison, who gave McCoy the concussion, the real question is, should he?

The Browns are sitting at 4-11, about to face the best defense in the NFL. There’s no denying the severity of Colt McCoy’s concussion, so what exactly does he have to gain in this last game? One game – this being a likely beatdown – isn’t going to change the unrest that Browns fans are feeling. For McCoy, though, getting back onto the field gives him another shot to prove he should remain the starter in Cleveland.

It would be understandable as to why McCoy would be itching to get back onto the field. By no means is his job with the Browns safe and he is no doubt feeling the heat from the possibility that the team could draft a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

The Browns faced a lot of heat for allowing McCoy to re-enter the Dec. 8 game after suffering that concussion. Based on how long it’s taken him to come back from it, they might be doing themselves a favor and avoid any further flak by keeping McCoy out of the game.

Head coach Pat Shurmur said that McCoy has not been ruled out for Sunday’s season finale, and it should be known on Wednesday whether or not the quarterback could even make a go of it. No one is questioning McCoy’s toughness in this situation, but sending him out there against the Steelers after a head injury like that might just be reckless.

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