Browns QB Colt McCoy Speaks About His Concussion – Sort Of


Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy still hasn’t been medically cleared to practice, though he hasn’t been ruled out for Sunday’s season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Regardless, it still doesn’t seem likely that McCoy will be able to take the field no matter how much he would like to do so.

Despite not being cleared to play, McCoy did speak out about his concussion for the first time since it happened on Dec. 8. He praised the Browns medical staff, but didn’t want to get into any details about that game or the symptoms he has been feeling since suffering the concussion:

"“I just don’t want to go there guys,” McCoy said. “I really don’t want to recreate anything. I don’t even want to think about it. I can tell you that I’m feeling a lot better – especially of late. I really feel like I’m coming out of this and I hope to at least be able to be out there this weekend and help my team.”"

As much as McCoy wants to play, it sure doesn’t seem likely – or even smart – for him to be out there. He also went on to say that he loves Cleveland and wants to be “part of the resurrection of the Browns.”

McCoy still has a very real chance of being part of that movement, though this is a critical offseason for the Browns, meaning the offense is expected to be improved next season (how could it be any worse?). There is a possibility that the Browns could draft or sign a quarterback in the offseason, but that wouldn’t necessarily doom McCoy’s future with this team.

Regardless of what happens, McCoy should remain the starter. From there, it will be up to him to prove that he deserves to keep the job. It just looks like that won’t be happening anymore this season.

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