Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Will Hire Offensive Coordinator


This season’s Cleveland Browns squad had one of their worst offensive units since their 1999 reincarnation, accumulating only 218 total points (an

average of 13.6 points per game).

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that head coach Pat Shurmur will hire an offensive coordinator this offseason.

"“I understand that we need to improve,” Shurmur said. “I have a much clearer picture of what this team is and of who my players are. I feel good moving forward making some of the necessary changes.”"

This past season was an opportunity for the Browns organization to truly understand where they were at in terms of personnel. It was painful to watch at times, but it’s given the team a better idea of its needs (i.e. everything) heading into the offseason. Hiring an offensive coordinator will go a long way in helping this offense improve. Whether or not Shurmur gives up his play calling duties remains to be seen, but hiring an offensive coordinator is the right – and necessary – move to make.

And for those who were critical of Shurmur’s play calling, it’s a possibility that he wasn’t meant to handle those duties in the first place. With the lockout doing a number on the plans of so many teams, the right coach simply wasn’t available for Shurmur to hire, so he chose to wait for a better fit.

The biggest candidate for the offensive coordinator position is currently former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress, who worked with Shurmur in Philadelphia. Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman is also rumored to be a potential candidate for the job.

Beyond the offensive coordinator position, Shurmur does not plan on making any other changes to the coaching staff this offseason.

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