Will Colt McCoy Be the Cleveland Browns’ Starting QB in 2012?


Like so many other seasons in the expansion era, the Browns will be entering the new year with questions at the quarterback position. Current starter Colt McCoy will likely be feeling the heat from a competition in 2012, whether it’s from a quarterback acquired through free agency or another selected in April’s draft.

In a recent radio interview, general manager Tom Heckert sent praise in McCoy’s direction, saying “Right now, Colt would be the guy.” But that’s hardly a shining endorsement of McCoy as the quarterback who can lead the Browns to the Super Bowl.

What it does convey is that Heckert might be willing to give McCoy a chance with a better offense around him. With so many needs at different positions, it is possible that the Browns would be better served using their top picks to build around McCoy rather than replace him.

It’s hard to determine anything substantial at this point, as anything said by Tom Heckert and team president Mike Holmgren should be taken with a grain of salt all the way up to the draft. Only one thing is known for sure: the Browns will be bringing in a quarterback somehow and the debate over who should start won’t be ending anytime soon.

That being said – what do you think? Will Colt McCoy be the starter in 2012, or does he not stand a chance?