Browns Ask City of Cleveland for $5.8 Million to Repair Stadium


In order to make repairs to their stadium, the Cleveland Browns are asking the city of Cleveland for $5.8 million, a six-year advance of the money that the team collects annually.

Currently, the city sets aside $850,000 a year to help pay for repairs to the stadium and while this proposition would exempt the city from paying that amount for six years of their 30-year lease, there’s no guarantee – yet – that the team won’t just ask for additional money in that time.

It’s a request that certainly comes at an interesting time. The Browns aren’t exactly putting a great product out on the field, and asking for $5.8 million up-front is sure to rub fans – and non-football fans in Cleveland – the wrong way.

Nevertheless, it might be worth putting up that money, as the sin tax – which helped build Cleveland Browns Stadium and will begin paying for repairs starting this year – expires in 2015. After that, the city must figure out another way to come up with the money. Paying $5.8 million of it now would at least give them extra time.

As of right now, that proposed payment includes $1.2 million that would go toward refurbishing club seats on the north and south sides, along with the east end zone. Another $750,000 will go toward waterproofing the concrete under those seats.

The rest of the $5.8 million would be used to repair and replace the concrete on ramps, walkways, and a plaza outside Cleveland Browns Stadium.

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