Nike Slowly Unveiling New-Look 2012 NFL Uniforms


Whether you like it or not, Nike is taking over the look of the uniforms in the NFL. Evidenced by what the company has done in college football, it’s almost impossible to predict what the final product will look like.

To perhaps lessen the shock when the time for unveiling the full uniforms actually comes, Nike has slowly been releasing its new products, using the 2012 Pro Bowl as a showcase.

So far, fans have gotten a glimpse of the new Vapor Jet gloves. Here’s a look at the Browns’ variation:

Nike has also introduced the new-look cleats for all 32 teams:

It’s unknown when the full uniforms will be unveiled, though it’s very likely that moment could come during the NFL Draft in April.

What are your initial thoughts on Nike’s early influence on the NFL uniform?

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