Cleveland Browns Could Be Interested in Re-Signing RB Peyton Hillis


The story this week out of Cleveland is that the Browns could be open to the idea of re-signing Peyton Hillis. The running back, who made a name for himself in 2010 by rushing for 1,177 yards, had a rough 2011 season that has been well-documented.

With the controversy that swirled around Hillis, it was thought that the Browns might cut ties with him in order to avoid further complications. But, with a strong end to the season, free of any off-the-field distractions, the sentiment in Cleveland has appeared to change.

A source has said that Hillis has worked himself back into the good graces of the Browns’ front office, meaning the team is considering bringing him back at a reasonable price.

This could also stem from the fact that the Browns surely understand their lack of playmakers on offense. After seeing what Hillis’ resurgence could do for the team, it would be worth hanging on to the one true threat the Browns have. Re-signing Hillis also opens up a number of other potential scenarios for the Browns in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The Browns can re-sign Hillis (and any of their other free agents) at any time, so one can expect the contract talks for players like Hillis and linebacker D’Qwell Jackson to begin soon.

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