Are You Ready for Some More Thursday Night Football?


In his State of the NFL address on Friday, commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the NFL Network will now air 13 Thursday Night Football games, starting in the second week of the season. This is an increase from the eight-game schedule that the network had been airing since its inception in 2006.

The NFL also announced that, with this increase in Thursday night games, all 32 teams will have a game in primetime. Everyone knows what kind of duds can exist in primetime, so this can only be taken with mild excitement. However, if you’re a fan of a team like the Seattle Seahawks or, yes, the Cleveland Browns, this comes as much better news (right?).

One of the best qualities of the NFL has been its scheduling. Typically, the major slate of games has fallen on Sunday, with the exception of Monday Night Football. In recent years, games have shown up on Saturdays and, of course, Thursdays, making us wonder: where does that end?

Is it worth it for the NFL to stick to its traditional programming, or do you welcome games on new days? More importantly, with these expanded primetime games, are you wary of the potential match-ups between bottom-feeding teams?

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