Super Bowl XLVI: Who Wins the Patriots-Giants Rematch?


I feel bad for anyone trying to place a bet on Super Bowl XLVI. Over the last few seasons, the New England Patriots and New York Giants are

the two teams in the NFL that are the hardest to bet against. These are two teams that always seem to rise to the occasion, which should make this a particularly enthralling Super Bowl.

If one had to give an edge in this game, it might go to the Giants and their momentum. Just like their last Super Bowl run, the Giants are thriving on being the underdogs, going on a magnificent run to even make the playoffs and building on that week after week. Not to mention that the Giants have seemingly had the Patriots’ number in their last few match-ups (including Super Bowl XLII).

But, then again, after what you’ve seen for the last decade, how can you confidently bet against the New England Patriots? Tom Brady has been on a mission in 2011-12, carrying the team in spite of its 31st-ranked defense.

There’s  no doubt that Super Bowl XLVI is a compelling match-up, and all signs point to this being a close game all the way to the end. And now that the day is finally here, after two weeks of coverage that sucked the life out of every possible storyline, it’s time to finally make your prediction.