Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Talks Brad Childress, Colt McCoy, and Robert Griffin III


Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talked on Wednesday about a wide variety of topics, giving just a glimmer of insight into the team’s offseason plans.

The biggest issue he touched, of course, revolved around quarterback Robert Griffin III, the player many experts believe the Browns will attempt to select in April’s NFL Draft. However, Shurmur doesn’t want everybody to forget about Colt McCoy. The Browns coach is of the belief that McCoy will be better in 2012:

"“I’m expecting that he will be [dramatically better], absolutely,” said Shurmur. “And the thing that’s encouraging to me is that he’s a guy you know is going to work at it.” (via"

Granted, it’s hard for McCoy, or anyone on the Browns offense, to go anywhere but up, but with an offseason of personnel additions and actual team workouts, there’s certainly optimism floating around that he will improve upon his 2011 season.

Shurmur discussed linebacker D’Qwell Jackson (“He’s a guy we want back”), running back Peyton Hillis, and the possibility of signing a veteran wide receiver in free agency. Shurmur also talked about cornerback Dimitri Patterson and safety Mike Adams, saying that Patterson could be a starter.

The Browns head coach certainly spoke highly of these players, insinuating that the team might be looking at bringing them back, but nothing is set in stone. What this press conference should do is ease the concerns of a nervous fan base. With the way the front office has approached the offseason so far, it’s obvious they know what it will take to make this team better in 2012.

New offensive coordinator Brad Childress also spoke on Wednesday, talking about his initial work within the organization, which includes an evaluation of every aspect of the offense. Childress, Shurmur and the rest of the staff have already looked at the running game and have moved on to evaluating the passing game – a painful process, no doubt.

Childress also spoke of his work with the West Coast offense, explaining that, ideally, it will “score a lot of points.”

You won’t be seeing Childress walking the sidelines, either. He’ll be upstairs in the booth, and Shurmur will still be calling the plays. But make no mistake, bringing Childress in is going to bring a much-needed change to the offense.

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