Peyton Hillis: Cleveland Browns Running Back or CIA Agent?


Just when you thought the bizarre news surrounding Peyton Hillis was over, a new tidbit bursts through that is more head-scratching than the last.

This time, a source has reported that Hillis wavered on his commitment to the game of football throughout last season. He went so far as to contemplate retirement and – believe it or not – even considered joining the CIA.

It’s hard to fathom what is truly odd about this situation – that Hillis contemplated retirement and joining the CIA or that none of this is all that surprising based on the wacky misadventure that was his 2011 season.

Regardless, this report is something that can be  used to the Browns’ advantage, should they still want to re-sign Hillis. There is no doubt that his market value continues to drop, which should allow the team to sign him to a smaller, incentive-based deal. Believe it or not, he still has a lot of value to the Browns, and while his commitment was originally in question, he can still be productive on the field when healthy.

If Hillis should leave, though, it won’t be much of a concern to the Browns. While entertaining, Hillis has proved himself to be a major distraction to the team and unless he’s willing to take a reasonable contract, Cleveland will let him walk.

The only problem is, who picks up the slack on the bizarre story lines?

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