The story of the New Orleans Sa..."/>

The story of the New Orleans Sa..."/>

Video of the Day: Brett Favre Getting Smashed by the New Orleans Saints


The story of the New Orleans Saints-sanctioned “bounty system,” where former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams offered his players financial rewards for injuring their opponents, has proved juicy enough to jump the weekend news cycle and continue on into the new week.

Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King featured the issue in his Monday Morning Quarterback article this week. In it, he recounts the 2010 NFC Championship Game against the Saints and Minnesota Vikings. According to reports, Saints defensive captain Jonathan Vilma offered his teammates a prize of $10,000 for knocking Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the game.

King outlines the brutal plays he remembers, but if you’ve got a foggy memory like I do, here’s a video recap:

Interesting how the defining play of this game is Favre’s horrific interception to seal the game late, which in context now, could be argued to have been influenced by injury or concussion.

Editor’s note: To clarify the music above, and to ensure that the cultural significance of the “Pants on the Ground” movement is not forgotten, the American Idol song fit to the video above is a reference to Favre himself screaming the song to his teammates after a victory earlier that season.

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