Should the Cleveland Browns Sign QB Peyton Manning?


Now that Peyton Manning’s split from the Indianapolis Colts is official, he has become the most sought-after free agent in recent memory. It seems that nearly every team in the NFL will attempt to justify the need for Manning, as if he is the magic potion to put any organization on the brink of a Super Bowl.

The Cleveland Browns could be a potential suitor, but it’s doubtful that it would be a serious pursuit of the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Colt McCoy is a serviceable starter with room to grow, and there’s still the possibility that the team will make an attempt to draft Robert Griffin III next month or sign someone else in free agency.

Simply put, the Browns are not in the right place to sign a player like Peyton Manning. If they were a season or two ahead in their development process, it might be a possibility, but bringing him in now wouldn’t accomplish as much as some people think.

Still, that begs the question: what do Browns fans want? Do you want to see the Browns sign Peyton Manning?