Cleveland Browns Not Interested in QB Peyton Manning’s Services


Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert made sure to put a quick end to any speculation that the team might be interested in free agent quarterback Peyton Manning this offseason.

In Thursday’s press conference, his first since undergoing heart surgery, Heckert addressed a number of topics. But that doesn’t mean that the Browns’ offseason plans are any clearer. Heckert was, as expected, vague about most things, but he was clear about Peyton Manning.

He made it known that it was a direction in which the Browns weren’t planning to go. And that also includes signing any big-name free agent quarterback, meaning it’s likely that Matt Flynn won’t find himself in Cleveland in 2012.

It’s not surprising to find out that Heckert and the Browns are not interested in pursuing Peyton Manning. Simply put, the Browns are not a team that is ready to contend, making this an obviously poor fit for Manning, who is looking to win right away.

Heckert instead reiterated the notion that Colt McCoy could still be the guy for the Browns:

"“We still think Colt can play in this league and it’s our job to help him out,” said Heckert. “If we catch more balls, if we protect him more he can be much-improved.”"

While the Browns’ offseason plans regarding the quarterback position are largely a mystery, one thing is now known for sure: Peyton Manning is not an option.

But was there really ever any doubt about that?

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