Who Should the Cleveland Browns Draft With the No. 4 Overall Pick?


It’s a question that’s been asked dozens of times in the last few months, but the answer seems to change on a daily basis. Luckily for the

Cleveland Browns, there is (almost) no way to mess up their selection at No. 4 overall, save for maybe trading the pick down and igniting the anger of an entire fan base.

Whether it’s wide receiver Justin Blackmon, running back Trent Richardson, cornerback Morris Claiborne, offensive lineman Matt Kalil or someone else, there is no doubt that the Browns have options. Obviously, what happens in the previous pick (held by the Minnesota Vikings) will help dictate what Cleveland can/should do, but the Browns are certainly in an encouraging position.

Their only problem, then, might be from a wealth of options. That being said, with so many potential selections (and so many needs), who is the best pick for the team?