2012 NFL Draft: Should the Browns Consider QB Ryan Tannehill at No. 4?


After quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s impressive pro day workout, he is shooting up the draft boards, with many experts linking him to the Cleveland Browns. It’s a polarizing possibility: there are those people who believe the Browns are still in need of a franchise quarterback and those who believe selecting Tannehill at No. 4 (or even a few spots later, should the Browns trade down) would be a huge reach.

No one is necessarily saying that Tannehill will be a starter right off the bat. He is considered a developmental quarterback with a lot of upside, and would benefit from a few seasons on the sidelines.

That being said, no matter what side of the fence you are on, everyone can agree that the Browns are in no position to wait for a quarterback to develop, especially if he is drafted that early.

Maybe you think Tannehill is ready to step in and help the Browns. Maybe you’d like to see them build around Colt McCoy. Either way, let us know!