Fake Trent Richardson Twitter Account Causes Quite a Stir


If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and you’re active on Twitter, it’s likely that in the last week you’ve come across what seemed to be an account that belonged to Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

This normally wouldn’t be newsworthy, but some tweets sent out by that account (which has been confirmed as a fake) caught the attention of fans, writers and other media personalities. As the Browns figure to be a team likely to consider drafting Richardson, a few updates sent everyone into a retweeting frenzy. Here are just a few of those tweets from “Trent Richardson”:

With the knowledge that this account is a fake – Richardson does not currently have a Twitter account – it’s just another exercise in remaining cautious when it comes to this particular social network. When the account of a celebrity or athlete isn’t verified, it can often be very hard to figure out its validity, and this Trent Richardson account is a perfect example of how it can snowball into becoming talk radio fodder. We’re certainly not immune to it – those tweets were retweeted on Dawg Pound Daily’s account as well.

As for the real Trent Richardson, only a little more than two weeks remain until the football world finds out what team does decide to draft him.

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