2012 NFL Draft: What to Make of QB Ryan Tannehill’s Two-Day Visit to Cleveland


The Cleveland Browns currently own the fourth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and it has left them with a number of options. A number of players are believed to be on the Browns’ radar, including running back Trent Richardson, wide receiver Justin Blackmon, and cornerback Morris Claiborne.

However, one of the most polarizing names on that short list is quarterback Ryan Tannehill. With only 19 starts at quarterback at Texas A&M, Tannehill is believed by many to be a project, best served sitting on the bench for a few seasons.

Nevertheless, the Browns are hosting Tannehill for a two-day visit this weekend, which should indicate that their interest in the quarterback is all too real.

The team is certainly doing its due diligence on this enigmatic player who has shot up draft boards (which is always a red flag in itself), but paying this much attention to him means he’s certainly in the mix. Of course, it could also mean the Browns are simply keeping other teams interested in a potential trade on draft day.

Either way, Tannehill has been an intriguing player to watch this offseason. It doesn’t seem likely that Cleveland will draft him, but anything’s possible. What’s more likely is a trade down scenario with a team that is even more desperate for a quarterback than the Browns.

In other words, like most pre-draft speculation, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what a visit like this means, except for maybe a dizzying bout of overthinking that catapults everyone’s minds into oblivion.

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