2012 NFL Draft: Is a Deal in the Works for the Third Overall Pick?


With the 2012 NFL draft just a few days away, a number of stories will come out regarding potential trades and players that teams just

love. One such story could have a major impact on the Cleveland Browns’ draft plans if it actually happens.

According to Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, the team has already begun fielding calls about the No. 3 pick in the draft. While he didn’t go into specific teams or players, it is widely speculated that the St. Louis Rams, currently sitting with the sixth overall pick, could be interested in trading up, possibly for running back Trent Richardson.

It’s a move that would make sense, as the Rams’ current running back – Steven Jackson – is gaining plenty of tread on his tires. While he is the true definition of a workhorse back, the Rams have to start considering their future without him. Richardson would be the ideal replacement.

This could prove troublesome for the Browns, who have been linked to Richardson by just about everyone. If the Rams jump ahead of them and select Richardson, it could leave the Browns with Plan B, which would probably be a choice between players like wide receiver Justin Blackmon and cornerback Morris Claiborne.

Then again, this could just be the typical pre-draft speculation that becomes a wild, uncontrollable force until the event itself. Browns fans shouldn’t worry, though. Regardless of what happens at No. 3, the Browns are sitting pretty at No. 4.