What to Make of QB Colt McCoy’s Current Situation


It was a rough weekend for Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. With the Browns’ first-round selection of quarterback Brandon Weeden, McCoy’s fate was all but sealed. Rumors immediately started swirling about his imminent departure through a trade, but it now seems that the Browns will try to keep him as the backup.

Does that mean the Browns won’t trade him if the right deal comes along? Of course not, but if the right deal were to come along, it probably would have already.

The fact of the matter is that the Browns and the rest of the NFL don’t view McCoy as much of a starter. While that may not come as a surprise to some, it might explain at least a little of the offense’s historically bad production last season.

It’s nothing against McCoy at all – tons of players just aren’t meant to be starting in the NFL. It would have been nice – and fair – to give him one more shot with an improved offense, but the Browns don’t have the time to wait and see what happens.

Perhaps the real problem is that McCoy appears to be such a nice guy, and it’s hard letting go of someone like that. Not to mention that nice guys who get raw deals are the saddest. However, while many of us can relate to what he’s going through, let’s not forget that McCoy is still a millionaire.

And hey, maybe he’ll even get another chance in the Browns’ offense. There’s no guarantee that Brandon Weeden will pan out or won’t get injured- this is the Cleveland Browns, after all – so McCoy should keep his head up and accept his situation.

He of all people understands how quickly a quarterback’s fortunes may change.