Browns LB Andrew Sweat Chooses Law School Over Football


You might have heard that Ohio State University linebacker Andrew Sweat was signed by the Cleveland Browns as an undrafted free agent. What you might not have heard is that Sweat has said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

With his acceptance into five law schools and – more importantly – his concussion symptoms, Sweat chose the safer career path (at least physically, though some who have gone through the process might say otherwise).

He spoke on Twitter regarding his decision, explaining that his health is more important than the game. Who can blame him?

While he was an undrafted free agent and it would have been difficult to crack the Browns’ roster, it’s interesting that Sweat gave up the chance at a professional career because of concussion symptoms. One wonders if more players will take a safer route in the future, especially when sad stories like Junior Seau’s are so prominent.

In today’s NFL, beginning one’s career with concussion symptoms probably isn’t the best bet. And with Sweat already facing an uphill battle making it onto the team, he decided the risks just weren’t worth it. From the sounds of it, he likely made the right decision.

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