Maybe Browns LB Scott Fujita Should Simply Start Telling the Truth


Scott Fujita has built his career around a good-guy image, being the all-around great teammate and community leader. However, that reputation continues to be tarnished on a daily basis ever since he was implicated in the well-documented bounty program that occurred while Fujita was a member of the New Orleans Saints.

This time, the new evidence comes in the form of a very long account from filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who was filming the infamous speech by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams as part of a documentary on former Saint and ALS sufferer Steve Gleason (who was in attendance, along with Fujita).

In Pamphilon’s long piece on his website, he goes into detail about Fujita’s prominent role in the release of the audio tapes. As he encouraged the release of the tapes, Fujita would, according to Pamphilon, eventually going on to publicly leave the filmmaker out to dry. As Pamphilon’s own reputation and career have taken a hit, Fujita has attempted to distance himself from the entire situation by sticking to his original statements of what is essentially ignorance.

Scott Fujita continues to maintain his innocence in the entire matter, despite the ever-increasing evidence against him. At this point, it would likely be in his best interest to either simply tell the truth, or to be quiet about the matter and serve his three-game suspension. Pamphilon’s post is certainly the most damning set of accusations against Fujita’s formerly squeaky-clean image, but it all needed to be said.

There do not appear to be many options left for Fujita. The chips are stacked against him to the point where everyone already knows he is lying and continues to listen only to see how long he can ignore the truth. His own money may not have gone to injury-inducing hits, but he sold out a friend and certainly lied about plenty during the process of the audio tapes’ release. An admission of guilt would go a long way to making this whole mess end sooner.

Perhaps that sounds a little naïve, but for a guy like Fujita, who is apparently dedicated to being one of the good guys in the league, it’s the route he should be taking.

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