Possible Nicknames for New Browns Quarterback Brandon Weeden


We had some fun with this topic two years ago with Peyton Hillis – you know, back when everyone liked Peyton Hillis. Now it’s time for Cleveland to come up with a nickname for Brandon Weeden.

So far, some popular ones floating around are “BW3” and the “Crimson Cannon”. The Cincinnati Bengals also have a red-haired quarterback they’ve attempted to dub the “Red Rifle”. We can do better.

Weeden’s nickname has a lot playing to its favor. There’s the red hair, the big arm, the funny name, and, of course, Weeden’s unusual age.

Here are some nicknames the Dawg Pound Daily team have come up with.  Let us know which ones you like, or suggest others in the comments so we can nail down this important issue before the season starts:

The Scarlet Shooter

Shotgun Sr.

Big Red

Firearm Freckles

Cannonball Carrot Top

The Maroon Musket

Red Rocket

The Red Scare

Guns ‘N’ Roses

Missile Mature

Father Fire

The Don

Ginger Spice

Sparky Anderson

Red Barber

The Weed Whacker

Old Weezy

Panama Red

Cleveland Heights

Dart Dad

Aged Brandy

Brandon Blaze

Burgundy Blaster

The Brownie Bomber

Buckshot Brandon

The Red Baron


The Winter Winger

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