Think the Browns Dodged a Bullet by Passing on WR Justin Blackmon?


For once, the Cleveland Browns appear to have done something extremely right. Back in April, the team passed on wide receiver Justin Blackmon for running back Trent Richardson in the NFL draft and, without either one stepping onto the football field for a game, it would appear that the Browns made the right choice.

This past weekend, Blackmon was arrested and charged with an aggravated DUI, reportedly blowing three times the legal limit. To top it all off, he was arrested back in 2010 for another DUI, which was reduced to a charge of a minor in possession in beer.

By pleading not guilty to his misdemeanor, Blackmon is likely to go to trial and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him suspended in the NFL as well. What’s more concerning for Blackmon is the fact that he hasn’t signed his rookie contract yet, either. It’s fair to assume that he has lost a lot of guaranteed money because of this.

With all of that being said, the Browns’ selection of Trent Richardson looks better and better by the day.

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