The Future of Colt McCoy


This guest post was made by the SeatCrunch team.

With the 22nd overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden. Was this a good choice when the Browns already have Colt McCoy under center?

To me it seems extremely risky for the Browns to have invested such a high pick to fill a position that may not have needed filling. But, what’s done is done, the Browns are committed to Weeden now, and that makes the future of Colt McCoy quite unclear.

Some people might say that McCoy’s best bet is to get out of Cleveland and find a starting job in a different city. But there’s a problem. Every other team has already filled their starting quarterback spot. Whether it’s the Miami Dolphins acquiring Ryan Tannehill or the Seahawks grabbing Matt Flynn, every team that had quarterback concerns has addressed the issue.

As painful as it may be to have your starting spot taken from you by a rookie, Colt McCoy has no choice but to remain in Cleveland and embrace his current situation. Other teams may not want him, but at least Cleveland isn’t kicking him out.