Seneca Wallace Does Not Want to Be Browns’ Third-String Quarterback


In all fairness to Seneca Wallace, it’s doubtful that anyone really wants to be the third quarterback on a team’s depth chart. That being said, Wallace made it especially clear on Tuesday that he has no plans of being the Browns’ third-string quarterback this season. Whether or not he wins the backup job, he’s pretty sure there isn’t a way in which both he and Colt McCoy will be on the roster when the season starts.

Though not sure what he’d do if he was actually relegated to the third spot on the depth chart, it’s fairly obvious that Wallace would want out at that point.

While Wallace’s straightforward comments can rub people the wrong way, though he is often simply telling it like it is, he at least understands the quarterback situation in Cleveland. He knows that Brandon Weeden is likely going to be the starter and he’s already said that he’s willing to be a mentor to Weeden.

Could that help his case to stay on the team? Even with Wallace’s experience in the West Coast offense, does that necessarily make him the better backup to Weeden? While being the backup may be a tough pill for McCoy to swallow, the fact of the matter is he still has room to develop. As the team gets better, he should as well.

The Browns know what they can get out of Seneca Wallace. But it’s also obvious they don’t have much confidence in Colt McCoy. For the most part, these are two very similar players (undersized quarterbacks without much power downfield), so the nod might go to McCoy on account of his age.

Keep in mind the fact that nothing about Weeden is proven yet. If he falters or gets hurt, who would you rather see on the field, Seneca Wallace or Colt McCoy?

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