Browns QB Colt McCoy’s Family Not Doing Him Any Favors


A misuse of social media strikes again.

This time, Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was victimized by a misguided tweet sent out by his brother Case, who is currently a quarterback at Colt’s alma mater (Texas).

Responding to a report from a fake ESPN account that his brother Colt was traded, Case responded with this tweet: “Good luck Brandon! Fan of you, but my brother’s pulling the lucky straw on this one! Cleveland  is only going downhill!”

Case has of course apologized since sending out the tweet, but the damage to the McCoy reputation has already been done. With his father’s comments last season about how the team handled his son’s concussion to Case’s comments about the state of the team, there isn’t much Colt can do to help his cause. He has done a noble job of answering questions during this sham quarterback competition and holding his head high, even when everybody in the room knows he has just about no shot of being the starter.

But with his father and brother getting involved, it does nothing but make it easier for people in Cleveland to distance themselves from Colt McCoy.

And that’s something Colt can’t afford.

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