Colt McCoy is a Winner…and So Was Troy Smith


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The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced their release of former Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Troy Smith.

Since Smith is a big name in these parts, having starred at Glenville High School in Cleveland and also Ohio State, his comparison to Colt McCoy should hit home.

Talented quarterbacks who have had wonderful college careers find themselves out of work at the NFL level all the time.

Colt McCoy won more NCAA college football games (45) than any other player in history.

Troy Smith won the 2006 Heisman Trophy by receiving more first-place votes than any nominee in history, and by the third-largest margin ever.

All of that is in the past.

McCoy and Troy:  Broke records, played in national championship games, are both capable leaders, athletic, mobile, and small.

In the NFL there are far more large men from small schools playing quarterback, like Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco, than there are shorter men from large schools, like Drew Brees.

As overplayed as that assessment is, it’s no worse than continuing to throw out McCoy’s college resume in defense of his NFL resume.

So, the next time you’re at a gas station and some old timer Texan tells you Colt McCoy is a winner, be sure to remind him or her when that was.

Not there’s anything wrong with that – Troy Smith and Colt McCoy still did things few others could.

In honor of Troy Smith, we submit one of the greatest (and longest) videos of all-time – the full No. 1 OSU vs. No. 2 Michigan shootout from 2006. Enjoy.