Browns WR Josh Gordon Comes Clean About Third Failed Drug Test


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Remember when Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon refuted a claim that he had failed a third drug test while at Utah? As it turns out, there was a third failed drug test and, now that he’s signed by the Browns, he has come clean about it to The Plain Dealer.

"“Yeah, there was a failed test,” he said. “But definitely something I want to get past. Coming out here, I have a new experience, a new foundation to get started and I don’t really plan on looking back in the past anymore. I only look toward my future.”"

If Gordon is looking toward the future, does that mean everyone else should as well? After all, he has emphasized how being drafted by the Browns represents a clean slate for him and he certainly seems sincere about it.

That being said, the NFL has its own set of temptations and ways in which to screw up under the watchful eye of commissioner Roger Goodell. For now, people seem to be cutting the kid some slack (which might just be a result of the Browns’ dire need for wide receivers, but Gordon will surely take it), but do three failed tests concern you?

More importantly, should anyone be concerned that he lied about it?