Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi Suffered a Concussion on Friday…Or Did He?


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On the opening play of the Cleveland Browns’ first preseason game of 2012, wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi – plagued by concussions the past two seasons – was hit in the head and slow to get up after a 12-yard catch. With his history of head injuries, he was taken out of the game, despite his protests with trainers to be let back into the game.

After the game, head coach Pat Shurmur confirmed that Massaquoi had indeed suffered a concussion, though that’s not what Massaquoi would like you to think. In a tweet to a fan, he said that being taken out of the game was simply “precautionary” and that he “can’t wait to get back to work.”

On Sunday, Shurmur reiterated that Massaquoi had a concussion, and he was upset with the media for using the receiver’s Twitter comments despite what Shurmur said. He also made sure that everyone knew how much of a non-fan he was of both “tweets and twitters.”

This is supposed to be a big year for Mohamed Massaquoi. In the last year of his deal, he has to make a great impression on the coaching staff, because as of right now, he’s been a disappointment. With his serious concussion issues, his situation was already a precarious one going into this season.

Now, if he misses significant time because of a third concussion, his tenure with the Browns could very well be over. Going against his head coach’s statement and tweeting that he’s fine probably doesn’t help, either.

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