Browns QB Brandon Weeden Not Feeling Any Additional Pressure


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Being a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is not an easy task. Since 1999, an endless parade of men have bravely stepped under

center for the team, only to be vanquished by a wide variety of forces.

Brandon Weeden is the team’s newest hope, a 28-year-old rookie manning a young team under the close watch of a new owner. One wouldn’t think the pressure in Cleveland could get any higher, but here we are.

This apparently doesn’t phase Weeden, though.

In an interview on the NFL Network’s NFL AM show, Weeden made sure everyone knew he didn’t feel any additional pressure, despite his situation.

"“It’s already hard enough to play this position in this league, and so I don’t really try to put any added pressure that doesn’t need to be there on myself because, like I said, that’s the last thing I need,” Weeden said. “I understand the history, I understand how many quarterbacks have played here since ’99 and the whole deal. But I think that if you look at the guys around me, we’ve got some really good pieces in place and I think, being a quarterback, that makes you a better player.” (source: Pro Football Talk)"

Weeden is right – he does have some good pieces around him. If running back Trent Richardson plays anywhere close to his potential, Weeden will be much better off than many Browns quarterbacks before him. This is still a young team, and it’s going to take its lumps, but Weeden won’t be thrown to the wolves this season.

Even during game situations, Weeden has come off as cool, calm and collected. This might be a time where a player says he doesn’t feel any added pressure and might actually mean it.

That whole age thing might end up being more of a blessing than a curse after all.