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Bounty Suspensions Overturned, Leaving Door Open for Scott Fujita to Play Sunday


The Cleveland Browns received good news on Friday, as the player suspensions stemming from the bounty program in New Orleans

were overturned by a three-member appeals panel.

This means linebacker Scott Fujita, originally suspended three games for his involvement, could play on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Because of his suspension, Fujita has been practicing on his own this week, while the Browns have been trying to patch together a group of linebackers that isn’t completely injured. Without Fujita, they were looking at playing only two linebackers with NFL experience.

While Fujita will be able to play for the Browns in the first game, the decision to overturn the suspensions is being sent back to commissioner Roger Goodell, who will reconsider the punishments handed down (unless, of course, he determines there was intent to injure).

In other words, this bounty saga is, unfortunately, far from over.

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