Dawg Bites: Let Cleveland Browns WR Greg Little Live


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little posted excited pictures on Twitter after the Browns lost their game Sunday. Fans got upset. This is stupid.

If you get paid millions of dollars to do something you truly love – or is something that makes millions of people jealous because you get paid so much to do it – you’re allowed to enjoy it, even if the day didn’t go quite as planned.

I, for one, think that any signs of enthusiasm and joy being expressed by a Cleveland Browns player should be welcomed with open

arms by fans who are sick of people constantly doing the “wrong” things. Maybe these things aren’t wrong at all; maybe the fans are overreacting (hard to imagine, I know).

Shouldn’t fans be embracing someone who is excited about scoring touchdowns for the Browns? No, it wasn’t quite enough this week, but Greg Little played a good game. He caught the balls that were thrown to him, he fought like hell for extra yards, and he scored a touchdown. If he does that every game, he can tweet whatever he wants because he’ll be an All-Pro receiver.

One of your favorite team’s most important players is starting to make plays and he’s excited about it. Get excited or let out your anger in some other stupid way, like comment sections on the Internet.

Oh, Little could do better on the endzone dance, though. I’m looking for a Gangnam Style this week.

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