Just How Hot is Pat Shurmur’s Seat?


In this week’s column for Pro Football Weekly, I considered the fact that, after last Sunday’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts, head coach Pat Shurmur is officially on the hot seat. More than anything, it stems from his decision to punt on 4th-and-one while in Colts territory during the fourth quarter.

Here’s an excerpt:

"With new owner Jimmy Haslam III on hand to watch the game, the Browns were facing a crucial 4th-and-1 on the Colts’ 41-yard-line midway through the fourth quarter. Trailing 17-13, QB Brandon Weeden took a shot downfield on the previous play, a surefire touchdown pass that WR Josh Gordon dropped.After a timeout was called (thanks to some confusion on the line), the Browns elected to punt. They would end up in almost the exact same position a few minutes later, but the damage was done.Shurmur sealed his fate with a punt."

Be sure to read the rest of the article here.

What do you think? Does Pat Shurmur stand a snowball’s chance in you-know-what of being the head coach next season?

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