This Just In: Brandon Weeden Would Like to Cut Down on His Interceptions


For the most part, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden has had a successful rookie season. He put to rest any notion that Colt McCoy should be the starter, and he has made some big-time throws while also demonstrating an ability to manage a close game.

At the same time, though, his overall statistics aren’t exactly eye-popping in a good way. He has completed 55% of his passes for 2,088 yards, throwing nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions. And during the Browns’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Nov. 4, Weeden often looked tentative, rather than the confident quarterback he had appeared to become.

Such is life for a rookie in the NFL, and Weeden knows that.

"”I think lost in all of this is that I’m a rookie,” he said. ”I’m still playing teams for the first time. I’m still seeing things for the first time. I’m making a lot of mistakes that I’m making for the first time. I’m trying not to repeat them. But I’m not a nine or 10-year veteran.”Some people might lose track of that sometimes. But it is what it is. I’ve got to play better. I’ve got to do my part to help this team win.” (Source: AP)"

What’s the quickest way to make an improvement? That’s pretty easy: cut down on the interceptions. This week, both Weeden and head coach Pat Shurmur stressed the importance of doing just that in the next seven games. Make it happen and the Browns will give fans hope for the future. Stay on the same path and these next seven games will feel like an eternity.

Simple enough, no?

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