What are Cleveland Browns Fans Thankful for This Season?


The Browns may be 2-8 heading into their rivalry game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but are things really as bad as they seem?

Here is a list of things we are thankful for this holiday season. Pass this along and feel free to add your thankfulness to the comments below.

Dedicated to the 2012 Cleveland Browns:

We’re thankful it’s not 2009 anymore, when the Browns were losing games 36-0.

We’re thankful that there isn’t a quarterback controversy.

Thankful that the plague of staph and bacterial infections appears to have subsided.

That Randy Lerner is gone and Mike Holmgren soon will be too.

We’re thankful the team has a new owner in Jimmy Haslam III who seems to give a crap. Like, really give a crap.

As bad as the secondary looked last week, we’re thankful that Brandon McDonald isn’t on the team anymore.

Thankful Josh Gordon hasn’t been a ridiculous bust.

We’re thankful that the NFL gives draft priority to the teams with the worst records.

We’re thankful for this photo of Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch:

That the Browns are still part of the fairest American sport, and will always have an opportunity to contend, if they could just get it together.

I’m thankful Brandon Weeden can throw a football farther than 20 yards, even if he doesn’t always know where it’s going.

Thankful that even though the Browns are 2-8, the national media would rather make fun of the Eagles, Chiefs, Jaguars and Cowboys.

That even though the Browns may not change their uniforms significantly next year, we will never suffer the indignity of rooting for these:

Phil. Freaking. Dawson.

Thankful that when I argue with my friends about the Browns roster, there seem to be fewer positions of need to cry over.

Thankful to see some winnable games on the schedule ahead.

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