Is There a Quarterback Controversy on the Horizon in Cleveland?


As of right now, the Cleveland Browns don’t know if quarterback Brandon Weeden will be able to play on Sunday in Oakland. Weeden suffered a concussion late in Sunday’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers and was replaced by backup Colt McCoy.

If Weeden can’t go in Oakland, McCoy will obviously take his place. And if McCoy plays well, the nightmare will begin all over again for

this team.

Could we really be at the precipice of another quarterback controversy?

It is true that Weeden has not played exceptionally well in the last few games (though the fact that he is still a rookie continues to be lost on many people). However, he has done enough to earn another go at the starting job next season, to prove that he is capable of making adjustments in the offseason.

But a strong – even decent – performance by McCoy would do nothing to silence those who believe he should have been the starter all along.

An unwarranted quarterback controversy could soon be looming in Cleveland, though it would be welcomed by some.

Is Sunday going to be a pivotal moment for this team moving forward?