Pro Football Weekly: For the Cleveland Browns, an Ugly Win is Still a Win


It’s time to address the notion that since Sunday’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t all that pretty, its impact is somehow diminished. For the Cleveland Browns, a team desperate for any kind of victory, that can’t be further from reality.

The truth is, every good team in the NFL gets by on a few ugly wins a year. Every team puts together a hard-to-watch performance; the best teams find ways to win despite themselves.

Here’s an excerpt from the Pro Football Weekly column:

"The Browns held the Steelers to only 49 rushing yards and one conversion on third down. Batch threw three interceptions, and the Browns recovered five of Pittsburgh’s eight fumbles. The Browns’ defense is as healthy as it has been all year, and it’s starting to show; this was easily the unit’s most dominating performance (as it likely should have been).Yet, the major focus of this game for many people continues to be its “ugly” qualities, or how the offensive showing on both sides was simply too horrendous to ignore.What should have been expected?"

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