A Look at Mike Lombardi’s Comments Regarding the Browns on Bill Simmon’s Podcast


Various media outlets are again rumoring NFL analyst Mike Lombardi as the frontrunner to assume the Browns’ general manager position once Tom Heckert and Pat Shurmur are removed by the new ownership tandem of Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam III.

Lombardi is a frequent contributor on ESPN’s “The B.S. Report Podcast with Bill Simmons,” and his NFL analysis is detailed and unique,

whether you agree with it or not.

Yesterday, Mike again joined Bill to discuss all things NFL – here’s the link to full podcast.

They also took some time to touch on the Cleveland Browns specifically. Here is what they had to say, starting just before the 34-minute mark:

"Simmons: Meanwhile, Pat Shurmur, the much-maligned Pat Shurmur, I know I’ve gotten some comedy out of him in my column, they’ve actually been quietly playing well for about two months. I think they’re 4-8  but they easily could be 6-6.Lombardi: Well they play everybody close. I mean they don’t score a lot of points, they keep it close. I mean in yesterday’s game it’s 13-10 and they have one of those moments. Give the Browns credit, they have one of those moments where…the Raiders are getting ready to score, and Carson underthrows a pass, and Sheldon Brown intercepts it, which is okay, fine, great play by Sheldon Brown. But then the Browns respond by taking it, I think, 95 yards down and putting the game away and score.Simmons: Yeah.Lombardi: I mean, that was one of those where you say, boy, they did a great job. Now you know you can play around with their [record, I think is what he’s getting at]…but the Browns are always going to be in games because they play sound defense, they play hard, they’ve played hard all season long. They haven’t stopped playing, so I think that’s a tribute to the coaching staff."

Okay, discuss.

It’s hard to say anything negative about the Browns after winning two in a row and especially after that game-winning drive he mentions, but Lombardi hasn’t been this kind to the Cleveland Browns on Simmon’s podcast in years.

Earlier in the season he poked fun at the Browns receiving corps, stating that “Greg Little is No. 15, the guy who can’t catch the ball. Josh Gordon is No. 13, who isn’t explosive off the line.”

In this interview, however, Lombardi spreads his sarcasm and judgment to other NFL clubs, poking fun at the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals in particular.

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