What is the Best Gift the Cleveland Browns Could Give You This Offseason?


Though the holiday season is here, the Cleveland Browns haven’t been too kind to their fans lately. In fact, one wonders what Browns fans might have done to receive yet another stumble to the football season’s finish line.

While other teams gear up for the playoffs, the Browns are once again looking

towards the draft, and this year’s squad has the added element of what will surely be a brand-new coaching staff and front office.

So with another disappointing season about to be in the books, what exactly can  the Browns give their fans as a present this offseason?

Would retaining general manager Tom Heckert do the trick?

How about re-signing kicker Phil Dawson?

Hiring a high-profile head coach?

Drafting a cornerback in the first round? A defensive end or linebacker? A…quarterback?

Maybe it’s just as simple as a second win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the same season. Maybe Browns fans won’t actually have to wait until the offseason to get the greatest gift of all.

Of course, if neither Brandon Weeden or Colt McCoy play on Sunday, that might just have to qualify as a miracle, should it happen.

So what is your ideal Browns gift this (or next) year?