Report: Chip Kelly is Close to Becoming the Cleveland Browns’ Head Coach


According to a source, current Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is very close to becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Kelly isn’t even 24 hours removed from his Fiesta Bowl victory against Kansas State, but the Browns have been said to be aggressive suitors for him. In other words, what owner Jimmy Haslam wants, Jimmy Haslam apparently gets.

If Kelly does indeed become the next coach of the Browns, it will certainly be the culture change that Haslam has been looking for. Kelly is the most exciting (and riskiest) coaching candidate out there, but his offensive philosophies have the potential to completely transform the Browns.

The team is taking a gigantic risk here, but the potential payoff is monumental. One thing is for sure: this is a move that will excite the entire fan base, and move the Browns towards a level of relevance that, until now, has only been the stuff of dreams.