After Chip Kelly, Browns Moving On to Plan B (or C, D, and E)


Oregon head coach Chip Kelly shockingly decided to stay in school late Sunday night, throwing a gigantic wrench in the Cleveland Browns’ search for someone, anyone, to try and turn the team around. 

Of course, Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone agreed to go to the Bills, and the Browns were believed to be interested in him as well.

So with their No. 1 and possibly No. 2 choices out of the running, who is it going to be?

If you really want to dream wildly, you’ll think there is a chance that Jon Gruden will come to Cleveland. Despite another vaunted “league source” that says the Browns will go after Gruden, it’s very hard (see also: impossible) to think he’ll be the next head coach.

As for the more realistic options, the Browns are going to interview Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman, along with Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who is said to be very interested in the gig (which is what you want in a candidate, right?).

Of course, the Browns already interviewed a candidate they supposedly like in former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Between him and former Bears head coach Lovie Smith, who certainly deserves a look, the Browns still have very solid options in front of them.

They may be plans B, C, D, or even E, but losing Chip Kelly isn’t the end of the world.